RSC - Regular Slotted Carton


Also known as a Regular Slotted Carton, this is the most commonly produced box at KARAM PACKAGERS. All flaps have the same length and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container’s width, so that they meet at the center of the box when folded. This is a highly efficient design for many applications and there is very little manufacturing waste.

Typical applications
Moving boxes, Master Packs, Just about anything

HSC - Half Slotted Container


A half-slotted container is a variation of the RSC without one set of flaps. This provides an "open on the top" effect, allowing for easy access to the carton's contents without the need to open and close a set of flaps for every access. This picture also shows a DST which is often used as a lid for an HSC.

Typical applications
Bin Boxes, File Boxes

FOL - Full Overlap Slotted


The Full overlap slotted container has flaps which are all the same length and are also equal to the width of the box. This style is very resistant to rough handling. This is useful in certain circumstances: shipping heavy items which require extra support on the bottom of the box, shipping long narrow items for which an RSC's flaps would be too narrow, etc.

Typical applications
Shipping Heavy Equipment, Shipping Long Narrow Shelving



These are flat scored and slotted sheets that when folded, form a lid to carry products. Though the tray can be used by itself, Trays are often used with a corresponding (and slightly larger) DST-LID. DSTs are also often used as lids for HSCs.

Typical applications
Shipping Heavy Flat items, Re-usable Storage Container

OPF - Overlap Slotted Container


One piece folders are often referred to “book folders” or “iron cross mailers”. A one piece folder is similar to a five panel folder, but the OPF is used for flat, squarish items. It generally resembles a plus-sign or a cross, and the user folds the flaps of the box up and around the item to be shipped.

Typical applications
Shipping Books, Shipping Paintings, Shipping Posters. Products Packed this way include printed matter, Electrical Circuitry and of course Books.

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